WhatsApp Instant Print

Instant Memories From Your Mobile

Magnificant Wedding, Cutting Edge Photo Entertainment

Entertainment for your celebratory occasion has never been more creative and fun! Our WhatsApp Instant Print allows your guests to capture photos and send it to print immediately. Not to mention, you can enhance your photos all you want before sending to print!

Complimentary Backdrop Setup With Studio Lights

Did you know that having a backdrop encourages your guests to take more photos? Yes, it really does! And for icing on the cake, we will also include studio lighs setup to ensure even the photos taken on your smartphones are barely distiguishable from the professional standard.

Boutique Backdrop Designs

Choose from our boutique collection of photo booth backdrop specially designed for weddings.

Unlimited Print All The Way!

This is your big day, there is no room for compromise. We use the best & fastest photo printer to provide instant gratification at 8 seconds per 4R-sized print. On top of that, our package includes truly unlimited print. If you have 5 guests in a photos, everyone will receive a copy, because it is only right to be gracious at your occasion!

Bespoke Border Design That's Fit For a King

We put remarkable effort to craft good designs for our wedding couples, we just try a little harder. Our photo border is crafted after seeking your opinions, and they are designed to impress.

Choose Your Photo Size

One size does not fit all, our wedding instant print is available in 4R or credit card sized prints.

Complimentary Plastic Photo Sleeves

If memories are meant to last a long time, it is only right that our photo prints stay in the pristine condition like the day you receive them. All our photo print comes with perfectly fitting plastic photo sleeves, so even a careless scratch does not ruin your prized memories.

WhatsApp vs Instagram Instant Print

When deciding between Instagram or WhatsApp instant print, it is important to evaluate your guests' demographic. WhatsApp instant print will be the ideal choice if you are expecting guests who are less social network savvy.

Service Availability

We have served clients throughout Asia, including Singapore, Johor, Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi, Myanmar and Japan. Our team is available for engagement worldwide.

WhatsApp Mobile Instant Print

Impress your guests with a special photo momento.

  • Latest Innovation
  • Boutique Backdrop
  • 4R or Card-sized Prints
  • Bespoke Border Design
  • Professional Studio Lights
  • Best & Fastest Photo Printer
  • Complimentary Photo Sleeves

Early Bird Special

When you confirm your booking with us at least 6 months prior to your wedding date, you will receive:

  • Bespoke Wedding Logo Design